Ten by Twenty Videos

Part of gauging progress toward our Ten by Twenty goals is finding out how you think we’re doing.

We conducted interviews around several of our campuses, asking faculty, students, and staff: What is the Ten by Twenty? How are we doing at achieving our One University goal? And what questions do you have for President Daniels?

Watch the videos below to learn what your colleagues and classmates (and President Daniels) are thinking.

Ask The President

What programs are you developing to enhance and enrich Johns Hopkins’ ties to the community?

Amali Redd, Staff Member, Business Services

What are you doing to improve the relationship between Homewood and Peabody?

Osi Atikpoh, Freshman, Peabody Institute

How can we bridge the gap to understanding that Johns Hopkins is so much more than medicine?

Thea Dickerman, Graduate Student, SAIS DC

Where do you see Hopkins going from here, in terms of its pedagogical model and not just the business of a university?

Emily Davidson, Graduate Student, Krieger School

What image of Hopkins do you want the world to see?

Becca Black, Freshman, Krieger School

What should we do with the lot across from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore?

Niloofar Haeri, Faculty Member, Krieger School