Global Strategy in Action

Global Strategy in Action

Tackling international policy in the heart of D.C.

The art of grand strategy and statecraft is alive and well at the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs at SAIS, where distinguished scholars are engaging with leading practitioners to address some of today’s most complex global challenges.

Established in October 2016 with contributions of more than $50 million—the largest combined gift in SAIS history—the center has become a focal point for innovative research and public debate on international affairs and American foreign policy, specializing in long-term strategic analysis and the disciplined application of historical lessons to contemporary international problems.

In its first two years, the Kissinger Center has hosted an array of lectures, workshops, and conferences, and forged critical partnerships that, in the words of its namesake, will help to “develop a multidisciplinary approach to world order with special emphasis on historical and cultural evolution.”  It has also brought its focus on global affairs to other parts of the university, most recently through the Kissinger Seminar on Grand Strategy, a new course being taught by SAIS professors at both the Homewood and SAIS campuses in spring 2019.

Photo: Front row, from left to right, Vali Nasr, Michael Bloomberg, Carla Hills, Peggy Noonan, Henry Kissinger, and Ron Daniels. Second row, Francis Gavin, Hal Brands, and Stephen Hadley.