A World-Class Faculty

A World-Class Faculty

A handbook for role models to use while guiding junior faculty.

Academic divisions across Johns Hopkins are implementing new mentoring approaches and deploying more resources to support junior faculty as they navigate their paths to becoming future leaders.

The university updated its Principles of Faculty Mentoring in February 2015, and the Provost’s Office worked with academic leadership and targeted faculty groups to identify strategies for improving mentoring programs and increasing awareness. Schools have now adopted plans that meet their individual needs and are implementing elements such as onboarding and orientation activities, mentee needs assessments and goal setting, affinity groups for research and instruction, online resources, peer mentoring, mentor training, and workshops, mentoring awards, and program evaluation.

Other universitywide faculty mentoring activities include the establishment of a Task Force on Faculty Mentoring, the launch of a Faculty Mentoring Award in spring 2016, and an ongoing commitment to develop mentoring resources going forward.

Photo: Lisa Cooper, a physician and Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, was one of the first recipients of the Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring, which recognizes outstanding commitment to the development of early- and mid-career faculty.