Partnering With Industry

Partnering With Industry

Forging innovative partnerships brings new discoveries to market

Working together with new partners is helping researchers at Johns Hopkins realize the potential of their most promising endeavors.

Bluefield Innovations exemplifies the kind of collaborations that support the commercialization of early stage therapeutic research at Johns Hopkins. Launched in November 2017 with funding by Deerfield Management, an investment firm committed to advancing health care, Bluefield Innovations will provide up to $65 million in initial funding over five years, with additional funding available to advance research that shows strong commercial potential.

Bluefield’s chief scientific officer has an office at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, allowing him to work closely with Johns Hopkins investigators to catalyze the development of early stage therapeutics.

By combining the respective strengths of each organization—Johns Hopkins’ scientific discovery expertise and Deerfield’s drug development, operational, and financial support—Bluefield can reduce the financial and developmental risk associated with early stage novel projects.

It’s a relationship that provides a fully funded and professionally supported avenue for our researchers to do their best work and perpetuate the legacy of research Johns Hopkins is known for.

“For more than 125 years, Johns Hopkins has been at the forefront of research and medical innovation,” said Ronald J. Daniels, president of Johns Hopkins University. “As we expand this tradition, collaborations with industry will help us more efficiently move groundbreaking technologies to market.”